Many Happy Returns. A Book of Well-Wishes

Wojciech Bonowicz

Many Happy Returns. A Book of Well-Wishes consists of 11 essays on the subject of wishes – the ones we need on a daily basis and the ones accompanying various celebrations; the ones told out loud or just whispered to oneself; the elaborate ones that roll off your tongue and the brief ones that are often stammered; the wishes that sometimes require some impenetrable rituals; the wishes that come to us while we pray; the ones that need to be written down and those meant for singing together; those hidden between the lines, conveyed by a gaze, a trembling voice, or a simple gesture. The wishes that cause shame, move or bother us, evoking our longings and anxieties. Many Happy Returns is also a story about ourselves, addressing wishes and receiving them, all too often forgetting that wishing well simply needs to be cherished. 

Parallel to Wojciech Bonowicz’s narrative runs another tale, hidden in selected objects from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków. These artefacts co-create the book, and quite often, make the story take an unexpected turn. Carefully selected , they conjure up the whole range of emotions, from solemnity to humor. In themselves, they make up an intriguing story about the power of wishes, aknowledged by real people from different historical periods.

Many Happy Returns. A Book of Well-Wishes
Text: Wojciech Bonowicz
Graphic design: Agata Biskup
Language: polski
Translation by Søren Gauger
Hardback, 164 pages, 165 mm x 120 mm
Publisher: The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
Kraków 2018
ISBN: 978-83-61369-39-4