Visitors with intellectual disabilities and autism

We offer educational and special events, as well as variety of workshops for organised groups and individual visitors. We are open to everyone’s needs, suggestions, and ideas. Please report them to Olga Błaszczyńska, who coordinates all matters related to the Museum’s accessibility, and who helps those who wish to visit the Museum.
Olga Błaszczyńska
Accessibility Coordinator
tel./SMS: 533 325 435
e-mail: blaszczynska@etnomuzeum.eu

To find out more about the accessibility to the Museum’s buildings, CLICK HERE

Workshops “The World of Things 1 and 2”

Free workshops under the auspices of the program Bon Kultury. Workshops are for organised groups, up to 15 participants and 16+ years old. The the two-workshop series (“The World of Things 1” and  “The World of Things 2”) focuses on multisensory experiences, work with select objects from the MEK collection, contemporary items in the spirit of ethno-design, as well as creative group work. “The World of Things 1” introduces participants to “the world of things”. During the workshop, we look closely at objects from the Museum’s permanent exhibition. We get familiar with the basics of the material sciences. We touch, smell, listen, and test. We also learn about the nuances of certain craft professions. “The World of Things 2” continues exploring topics discussed during “The World of Things 1”. This time we discover new trends in everyday design. We look closely at the examples of new designs inspired by traditional crafts. At the end of the workshop, each participant, inspired by “ethno- design”, creates his/her own object for everyday use.

Practical information:
The workshops take place Mondays through Saturdays (September 2018–August 2019). The exact dates are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. It is possible to participate in one workshop only (“The World of Things 1”), but we wholeheartedly encourage you to visit us twice.

Participants’ Ages: the workshops are addressed to youths and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities, including autism. The workshops are also available for visitors with sensorial disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments. Each workshop is adjusted according to  teachers’ and guardians’ recommendations.   

Approximate number of participants: up to 15

Duration: 1–1.5 hours

Admission: free*

Information and reservations: Anna Szelingowska, szelingowska@etnomuzeum.eu, 12 430 18 27, Mon–Fri, 9.00–16.00

Important: the workshops are available only for groups who have made a reservation. We kindly ask you to make your reservation at least one week in advance.

*Under the auspices of the program “Route to Culture” This is a special offer for visitors from smaller towns. More details can be found at the Museum.

Program Bon Kultury
Bon Kultury is an innovative initiative of the Little Poland Voivodeship and regional cultural institutions. Its goal is to encourage more frequent participation in culture. It also aims to inspire participants and provide them with the joy of discovering oneself and one’s surroundings.
All workshops offered within the BON KULTURY program share high quality content, original topics as well as an interesting, often interactive form. It is a great way to creatively spend leisure time, and is available to those seeking inspiring ideas in order to develop not only their interest in the world but also their own potential, knowledge, and skills.