Visitors with a hearing impairment

Our offer includes educational and special events as well as variety of workshops for organised groups and individual visitors. We are open to everyone’s needs, suggestions, and ideas. Please report them to Olga Błaszczyńska, who coordinates all matters related to the Museum’s accessibility and who helps those who wish to visit the Museum.

Olga Błaszczyńska
Accessibility Coordinator
ph./SMS: 533 325 435
e-mail: blaszczynska@etnomuzeum.eu

To find out more about the accessibility to the Museum’s buildings, CLICK HERE

Family workshop: Ethno-Calendar
This workshop is scheduled once a month on a weekend. On Sundays (11:00–14:30) the workshop is translated into Polish Sign Language.

Seeing with Ethnographic Eyes – drawing workshop
Drawing workshops for youths and adults are organised once a month, on a selected Sunday between 15:30–18:00. One may request the services of a Polish Sign Language interpreter.

During  workshops for organised groups and other educational events, as well as visits with a Museum guide, we offer free translation into Polish Sign Language. To help us best organise assistance for you, please request a PSL interpreter at least two weeks ahead of your visit to the Museum.