Thinking about ethnographic museums



Aware of the uniqueness of the oldest gathered ethnographic collection in Poland entrusted to it, the Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum of Kraków, respectfully tends to what our ancestors have entrusted us to preserve, developing, disseminating and promoting its collections and spreading knowledge about the history and diversity of human cultures.

Those who seek their roots, identity or inspiration are welcome guests in each and every one of the Museum's facilities.

At the heart of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow are its collections – a unique, valuable, and diverse collection. A collection of objects, documents, works of art, in which each exhibit has its own history, linked to the history of a given person. We present these testimonies of the past and these stories to those living today, while taking great care to preserve and store them properly for future generations.

At the same time, the Museum continues to conduct research, describing the existing world, seeking new contexts, interpreting phenomena, revealing what is hidden or misunderstood, and engaging in deep scientific discourse within academic and cultural institutions.


The Ethnographic Museum will become an institution open to all social groups.

The Museum will conduct extensive educational and promotional activities, not only in its headquarters but also beyond it.

The Museum will utilise the potential and experience of its employees, who will become experts in regionalism, ethnography, anthropology, art history, museology, and local heritage to many circles.

The Museum will raise its status through becoming a significant scientific institution by initiating and organising scientific activities in collaboration with other museums, scientific institutions, universities, non-governmental organisations, and by conducting scientific research.

In cooperation with cultural institutions in Lesser Poland, the Museum will become a significant centre for regional education in Poland, focusing on preserving cultural achievements and promoting the distinctiveness of residents from all ethnographic groups in the Lesser Poland region.

The Museum will provide expert support to associations and organisations and will act as patron for events promoting traditional culture and regionalism.

Monika Dudek
Director of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow