The toy collection created by the Kraków Workshop Society

The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków is in possession of the only toy collection created by the Kraków Workshop Society (1913–1926) in Poland. We present several examples of small masterpieces from this collection.


Artists such as Wojciech Jarzębowski, Zygmunt Lorenz and Zofia Stryjeńska, all members of the Workshop Society, designed the toys. You are now looking at several little dolls and birds designed by Stryjeńska. Craftsmen would turn designs into handmade toys while children, hired by the Society, decorated them. They painted the toys according to their own ideas and tastes, in line with the Antoni Buszek method – what mattered was an imagination unspoiled by artistic education. We know only a few names of the authors of these decorations. For example, the spinning top we present in our exhibition was decorated by Józefa Kogut, one of the most talented novices in the Society. 


Our exhibition includes not only toys, but also objects created by the batik workshop that operated out of the Society. Antoni Buszek, Jerzy Warchałowski and Anna Bąkowska headed the workshop, while its artisans included Irena Chrobak, Franciszka Delkowska, Stanisława Kaleta, Józefa i Zofia Kogut, Felicja Kossowska, Helena Kurbiel, Maria Porębska, Antonina Sanetra, Jadwiga Sternal, Stanisława Papierz and Zofia Waniewicz.


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