The Collections Committee

Information for those interested in donating/selling items to the museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków is always looking for additional exhibit-pieces – as a result of field research, purchases, or in the form of generous donations.

The Collections Committee, which meets several times a year, decides whether or not to accept an object into a collection.

We ask those interested in donating or selling an object to the museum to contact us with their offer either:

Once you have submitted your offer, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the items as well as the date of the next Committee meeting. We ask for your patience – the waiting time for the Committee’s decision is usually 2–2.5 months.

Upon submitting your offer, you must provide additional information regarding both the donor/seller (name, surname, address) and items (origin, history, use, etc.). If submitting your offer via e-mail, we would ask for a picture of the item(s).

After the Committee meets, you will receive information regarding your offer and donated item on:

  • the process of returning the items, if the Committee rejects your offer
  • an evaluation of the item as an exhibit, as educational material, or as a candidate for conservation

Depending on the Committee’s decision, it will be then necessary to arrange the details of either picking up the item or finalising the inclusion of the object into the Museum’s collection. The latter will require the signing of necessary documents (contract, bill of sale). 

Those who donate objects to the Museum will receive a thank-you in the mail along with information about registering the item into the Inventory Book.
In the case of a sale, the payment is not processed automatically after the signing of the contract. It usually takes 14 days from the date the payment has been confirmed by MEK.

If the total payment exceeds 1,000 zł, the Museum is responsible for tax formalities at the Tax Office.