I Won’t Give up, I’ll Survive. Paintings by Władysław Wałęga


25 June – 31 December 2022

The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
Krakowska street 46

The exhibition presents the works of the Krakow painter Władysław Wałęga, one of the most interesting contemporary artists of art brut.
It tries to humbly dive into the world of a man who dispelled anxieties, addictions, depression, and demons of the mind through creativit.

The art and persona of Władysław Wałęga are fascinating. What in fact do we see in his pictures? And can art save a life that has been torn asunder?

The conversations were important, the pictures were important. Something was revealed to
us, something was hidden all the more. The exhibition is saturated with those meetings
and that delving into art. With what is spoken and what is left unspoken.

Our story is composed of islands. They seem separate, but in fact they are joined. Each
one holds a particle of life and art, art and life. I won’t give up, I’ll survive he says of their

An exhibition based on research conducted by Anna Grochal and Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka in 2019–22.

"That might have saved me, I survived that tempestuous time, the saddest period of my life, I had a place to find shelter. That’s what I’d call it–to take shelter in my subconscious."
(Władysław Wałęga, July 12, 2021)

Władysław Wałęga is among our outstanding contemporary painters. He was born in 1940. His childhood was scarred by war and abandonment. His youth was spent chasing his dreams, for which he paid a high price. In his adult years he had trouble finding his way in the world. Happily, he came across people who helped him.

Curators: Anna Grochal, Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka
Exhibition design: Anna Zabdyrska
Photography: Adam Mikołajczyk, Marcin Wąsik