Good heavens!

Embroidery and lace made by LUD-Art Association at the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków for their 30th anniversary jubilee.

Nearly 400 embroideries and laces are shown at the exhibition. A whole lot, and yet it is only a small part of the achievements of the members of LUD-Art Association which is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment this year.

Over that period of time, over a hundred people have been formal members of the Association. However, many more have revolved around its orbit - as participants in workshops and exhibitions, sympathizers, friends. LUD-Art is a stable and dynamic community. It is kept together not only by their love for handicrafts, but also by the strength of relationships built in the course of weekly meetings, workshops and exhibitions organized together - moments spent with friends. This is also what the exhibition is about.

The exhibition traces back the history of the Association which has been closely connected with the Museum from the very start. First of all, through the person of the first chair, Urszula Janicka-Krzywda, MEK curator at the time of its establishment. It was she who initiated embroidery workshops based on patterns from the ethnographic collection and instilled in her students a love for folk embroidery - forever. Halina Dulemba, a long-time leader of the organization, a master of embroidery fascinated by the richness of meanings of ornaments embroidered on fabrics, is also very much present in the reminiscences of the members of the Association.

The exhibition includes several items from the Museum's collection selected as examples of the first inspirations for the members of the Association, as well as their own works which now form part of MEK collection. It also presents work tools of embroiderers and lacemakers, revealing the scale of knowledge, precision and patience necessary to practice the hobby.

The countless intricate stitches and thread combinations shown here make one’s head spin. The infinite world of colours, patterns, forms and formats proves not only the craftsmanship of the authors, but also their unbridled imagination. Good heavens!

23 May – 7 January 2024
The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
ul. Krakowska 46

LUD-Art Association of Aficionados of Traditional Folk and Artistic Handicraft at the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków

It all started with embroidery workshops organized at the Museum by the Kraków Branch of the Polish Ethnological Society. After a year of courses, lectures and demonstrations, in May 1993 the Embroidery Club was established, and in 2005 it transformed into the Association.

Members of the Association learn the secrets of embroidery and lace-making together. They share their knowledge and experience. In search of traditional patterns, they visit museums and archives. They learn from one another and improve their skills at handicraft master classes. They take part in exhibitions and educational schemes all over the country. They cooperate with organizations from other parts of Poland, as well as from abroad (the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the International Association OIDFA).

LUD-Art Association meetings take place at the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków every Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm from October to June. You can find out about upcoming events at lud-art.blogspot.com or fb/LudArtKrakow


The exhibition is translated into English and Ukrainian.

normal ticket - 14 PLN
reduced ticket - 8 PLN
combined ticket (for the permanent exhibition and the "Good heavens!" exhibition) - 26 PLN
Discount combined ticket (for the permanent exhibition and the "Good heavens!" exhibition) - 14 PLN

on Tuesdays admission at a reduced price:
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The entrance and exit for visitors is from Krakowska Street only.

The exhibition “Good heavens! Embroidery and lace made by LUD-Art Association at the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków for their 30th anniversary jubilee”.

23 May – 31 December 2023
Ethnographic Museum in Kraków

The exhibition has been organized with the participation of LUD-Art Association of Aficionados of Traditional Folk and Artistic Handicraft at the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow.

The embroidery and lace in the exhibition were made by:
Małgorzata Bednarska, Małgorzata Biały, Barbara Binias, Magdalena Burgieł, Barbara Chruściel, Anna Czechowska, Halina Dulemba, Dorota Dylska, Elżbieta Filipowicz, Barbara Gorzkowska, Jadwiga Gruca, Małgorzata Gruca, Urszula Janicka-Krzywda, Krystyna Jarecka, Grażyna Kicza, Maria Klichowska, Marta Klichowska, Urszula Kosakowska, Alina Kulig, Jadwiga Lachowicz, Małgorzata Łaz, Maria Malaga, Maria Marczyńska, Barbara Mazur, Barbara Michalska, Zuzanna Michalska, Zofia Myśliwiec, Mieczysława Pasternak, Krystyna Poterek, Urszula Roman, Danuta Rusek, Anna Ścisłowicz, Teresa Ścisłowicz, Cecylia Wiążewska, Katarzyna Wrońska, Bogumiła Zając.

Curators: Dorota Majkowska-Szajer, Katarzyna Piszczkiewicz
Content consultant: Bożena Bieńkowska Designed by: Katarzyna Piszczkiewicz

Texts by: Dorota Majkowska-Szajer
Editing and proofreading by: Ewa Ślusarczyk
English – Klara Laudańska
Ukrainian – Liudmyla Radyk
Film: directed by – Liudmyla Radyk; music by – Oleg Tatarchuk, produced by MEK 2022
Audio materials compiled by: Dorota Majkowska-Szajer
Maintenance by: Katarzyna Lebowska-Mazurek
Display cases by: PHU Lisowski
Made and edited by: Aleksander Gałęziowski, Grzegorz Kurek, Tomasz Ostafin, Paweł Przybylski
Technical consultants: Jacek Szymański, Adrian Tomasik
Promotion by: Natalia Ciemborowicz-Luber, Olga Łuczyńska-Gawron