Temporary exhibitions

Archiwum wystaw czasowych

21.09.2018 – 31.10.2018

WHAT MAKES A VILLAGE? – outdoor exhibitions

Does a fascination with the village mean abandoning the city? Is it possible – when referring to village traditions – to escape restrictive norms? Can one dare to experiment? Is it possible to use local sources for inspiration without duplicating their well-known motifs? How can we awaken the power of heritage? Two of our outdoor exhibitions attempt to answer these questions – What Makes a Village? Playing with Tradition / Playing with Imagination will take place on the Wolnica Square in Kraków, and in the Sądecki Ethnographic Park we will present What Makes a Village? On Your Own / Custom-made to Fit.

14.07.2018 – 28.10.2018

No Matter Where It Is In The World

We would like to introduce you to a man who is constantly and attentively looking for his own truth about the world and about himself. And although Stanisław Baj speaks from a particular spot on Earth, he talks about what is important, honest and dear, no matter it is in the world.

10.03.2018 – 06.05.2018

Maculateness. On porcelain factories

It used to be called ‘white gold’. It seems, however, that today porcelain does not amaze us anymore; we have gotten used to its presence. It is more a product to us than a creation; rather autonomous matter than the result of a complicated process combining chemical substances, technology and human work. What people first lose sight of is the human contribution: porcelain forms seem too immaculate to involve humans.

18.11.2017 – 18.02.2018

Maps of the City: Heritages and the Sacred within Kraków’s Cityscape

For one year and a half a group of anthropologists from the Jagiellonian University has conducted intensive fieldwork dedicated to Kraków’s cityscape and various concepts of the sacred and heritage attached to it. The exhibition reveals the symbolic and mental “maps of the city” that emerged from collected materials, interviews and discussions with the city’s inhabitants and visitors.