Temporary exhibitions


28.10.2023 – 05.04.2024

EXPOSURE TIME / DEVELOPING TIME Early Ethnographic Photographs from the Małopolska Region

The exhibition presents more than 170 photographs handpicked from the oldest collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków. The source material consists of glass plate negatives and small paper prints made using historic photographic techniques. These images have been digitized and turned into large-format prints that reveal the richness of depictions and information contained in the photographs.

23.05.2023 – 31.12.2023

Good heavens!

Nearly 400 embroideries and laces are shown at the exhibition. A whole lot, and yet it is only a small part of the achievements of the members of LUD-Art Association which is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment this year. The countless intricate stitches and thread combinations shown here make one’s head spin. The infinite world of colours, patterns, forms and formats proves not only the craftsmanship of the authors, but also their unbridled imagination. Good heavens!


07.07.2023 – 24.09.2023

Warsaw Painters, Krakow Painters. The Meeting

The works of seven artists connected with Warsaw and Krakow constitute – almost as puzzle elements – the remarkable and diverse picture of “the art called naive”. The strength of expression characterising the presented works is an effect of the life experiences, sensitivity and personalities of the authors, as well as their sincerity and creative fantasy which was not restricted by academic canons.

25.06.2022 – 02.04.2023

I Won’t Give up, I’ll Survive. Paintings by Władysław Wałęga

27.05.2022 – 12.03.2023

POWERBANK / The Strength of Women

Our powerbank is a space for building and charging energy. Once this was the branch of a large bank, today it’s a place of new kind of power.

Instead of credit, saving, and accounts, we offer objects to stir the imagination. Every one of them is the point of departure for stories about women who are tangled up in the history of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow in different ways.

Where a bank machine once stood, herbs bloom. Several dozen women’s faces stare down from the walls of the treasury. Women’s voices ring out in the old staff room.

16.10.2020 – 31.12.2021

Siberia. Voices from the North

Siberia is already here. The connection between Krakow and Siberian North is tangible and long-lasting, beautiful and surprising. In the exhibition, you can see the objects which people condemned to exile in Siberia for participating in the January Uprising brought back with them. There were also those who went there voluntarily to experience an adventure and get rich. And this all happened at the time when the grandparents of today's grandparents were children!