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May scarf

Women from the area of Powiśle Dąbrowskie have decorated the interiors of their homes for a long time. They used locally found clay mixed with ash to paint the sooty ceilings and walls of their chimneyless cottages.

In the early 20th century when stoves with chimney became popular and soot no longer blacked the walls, women from the village of Zalipie and the surrounding areas started using colour paints to paint on paper. Their works were first discovered in 1905 by a government clerk from Kraków, Władysław Hickel. Roaming the district of Powiśle, he acquired a rich collection of such paintings.

These splendid records of interior decoration first found their way to The Society of Polish Applied Arts, later to the Museum of Technology and Industry in Kraków and eventually became part of the collection of the Ethnographic Museum In Kraków.

The pattern on the scarf is based on a painting by Magdalena Kozaczka from the village of Ćwików.

75x75 cm
Cena 130.00 PLN
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Cena 130.00 PLN
Do koszyka