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A Meeting. Folk woodcuts in the collection of Józef Gwalbert Pawlikowski found in Lviv

Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka
Polish / Ukrainian / English
Projekt graficzny:
Piotr Michura
The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
For nearly 70 years it was not clear where the extraordinary collection of folk woodcuts, amassed by Józef Gwalbert Pawlikowski in the 19th century, could be found. The reasons for this are due to the tempestuous times of war as well as a change in the political landscape after 1945.

In 2012, with the cooperation of the Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Academic Library, curators from the Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Kraków found this incredible collection in the former Polish city of Lwów, better known as Lviv in western Ukraine. Now we are delighted to be able to present these works which have never before been published in their entirety.

Editing: Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka
Texts: Grzegorz Graff, Łarysa Kupczynśka, Grażyna Mosio, Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka 
Translation: John Beauchamp, Nataliya Rymska, Przemysław Tomanek
Graphic design: Piotr Michura

Hardback, 400 pages, 31 x 25 cm
Kraków 2014

ISBN: 978-83-61369-25-7

This book is published under the auspieces of a project funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
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