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The Małopolska Thing – ethnographic pattern book

Polish / English
Projekt graficzny:
Anna Zabdyrska
The Ethnographic Museum in Kraków
We are presenting you the first ‘The Małopolska Thing. Ethnographic patter book’. Over eight hundred entries describing exhibits selected by us from the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow form a specific catalogue of colours, motifs, fabrics and form.

We would like the pattern book to become not simply a handy tool for designers seeking contemporary ethnographic inspiration, but also a stimulus for reflection on the identity of Małopolska – an extremely diverse region, though previously seen almost exclusively through the prism of stereotypical Krakowiak Folk and Highlanders. Applying the historical term, rather than the administrative one (and therefore expanding the described territory by areas currently forming Świętokrzyskie or Podkarpackie administrative regions), we are trying to show the wealth of patterns, taking a fresh look at cultural clichés or filling the empty spaces between them (we have not included the trite rogatywka hat, but rather celender and magierka hats instead).

Concept: Ewelina Lasota, Katarzyna Piszczkiewicz, Anna Zabdyrska, Magdalena Zych
Substantive consultants: Marian Długosz, Magdalena Dolińska, Marek Grabski, Grzegorz Graff, Anna Grochal, Barbara Kożuch, Alicja Maleta, Grażyna Mosio, Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz, Elżbieta Pobiegły, Grażyna Pyla, Krystyna Reinfuss-Janusz, Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka, Piotr Worytkiewicz
Editing: Ewelina Lasota, Małgorzata Szczurek
Introduction: Agnieszka Sabor
Item descriptions: Marek Grabski, Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz, Elżbieta Pobiegły, Krystyna Reinfuss-Janusz, Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka, Piotr Worytkiewicz
Proofreading: Ewa Ślusarczyk
Translation: Klara Laudańska
Photos: Jacek Kubiena
Cover photo and photos on pages 327–343: Michał Korta
Graphic design: Anna Zabdyrska
DTP: Andrzej Karlik
Printed by: Drukarnia Skleniarz, Kraków

Hardback, 227 pages, 33,5 x 6,5 cm.

Sold in a decorative box.
Second edition: Kraków 2016
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Cena 65.00 PLN
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