Visualisation after revitalisation.

The former manor estate

"Studio Warehouse" in the former manor estate Kraków Kobierzyn

In 2017, the architectural-park complex of the Psychiatric Institution in Kobierzyn celebrated its centennial anniversary. Created with the intention of its becoming a self-sufficient city-garden, it belonged to the most modern institutions of its type in Europe. The architectural concept was designed by W. Klimczak, and arose as an effect of cooperation between psychiatrists and architects. In the large park they built 15 pavilions for patients and over 40 administrative, residential and agricultural  buildings. The painted buildings (in the English cottage style) were arranged in a concentrated radial pattern, reminiscent of the shape of a butterfly.

Estate buildings in the complex provided backroom spaces for horti-therapy – the therapeutic practice (innovative at the time) of using plants and gardens in the treatment of patients. In the near future, we plan to revive and adapt one of these old agricultural buildings in the park by Józef Babiński Hospital to a new purpose.

We plan to build a Studio Warehouse (around 1700 square metres) on the subterranean floor. This will function as a space for the ethnographic collections moved from the Museum on pl. Wolnica. On the upper floors we will build research, educational and specialised (photography and conservation) labs, along with a cafe. The surrounding area will be adapted for educational and recreational purposes in cooperation with the tenants of the neighbouring residential area.

In this way, our ethnographic collections will become available to those interested in new ways – as a group or individual venture, with the option of participation in new workshops. The Studio Warehouse and the new labs would be open to the hospital’s patients, especially within the context of art therapy.

Currently, we are applying for funds to undertake the project proposed above.