The Quarantine Collection is a virtual exhibition and, at the same time, one of the themes of the research conducted by the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow since March 2020, entitled Our Life in the Time of Cholera. You are welcome to make with us the collection of objects and stories related with them. One day, they will testify by showing the ways of dealing with the strange reality in which we find ourselves.

We care about personal attitudes to specific things. What could that be? Anything that has become important to you, as well as significant or necessary during the pandemic. Maybe you also want to share your notes, drawings, maps, sound recordings, photos? Or you have a story about an object that is missing?

Everyone is invited – regardless of age, place of residence, property status, education, occupation. We want The Quarantine Collection to include a variety of experiences, multiple points of view, individual experiences – what makes us different and what unites us. You can learn about the effects of the collection on an ongoing basis – we are gradually making them available on this online platform, while preparing the exhibition in the Museum space.

Do you want to participate in the project? Write to us!