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Polityka prywatności
*Z wyjątkiem niezbędnych

Private workshops


The Ethnographic Museum of Kraków invites you participate in a number of activities designed for tourists, students, companies, institutions and associations, as well as informal and organised groups.

Our workshops, narrated guided tours of the exhibitions, as well as urban games held in Kraków's Kazimierz district are available on request – both in Polish and English.

It is also possible to adapt each program to the individual needs and interests of the participants, as well as to prepare a new topic on request.

The date, duration and detailed pricing are agreed individually, at least three weeks in advance. For bookings, please contact us on 883 751 003 or send your enquiry to

Discover the Christian and pre-Christian origins of Polish Easter traditions. Arranging a Małopolska palm tree, putting together a basket with samplings of Easter food. Holy Week customs, Śmigus and Dyngus, Emmaus and Rękawka, Siuda Baba and Dziady Śmigustne.

During the tour you will see (among others):

  • more than 300 Easter eggs from the late 19th and early 20th century
  • outfits worn by spring carol singers
  • unique toys from Kraków's spring fairs

During the handicraft section you will make (one of the following):

  • Easter flowers from tissue paper
  • a festive Easter basket with painted eggs


Enter the world of Christmas preparations and learn the meaning behind it. The smells and flavours a Polish Christmas Eve. The symbolism of dishes, decorations, and gestures that accompany this celebration. Traditional folk theatre, Kraków's nativity scenes registered on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

During the tour you will see (among others):

  • Kraków's oldest nativity scene
  • Christmas wafers from almost a century ago and baking tongs from the 18th century
  • handmade Christmas decorations

During the handicraft section you will make (one of the following):

  • światy – traditional spherical ornaments made of wafers
  • spiders – three-dimensional decorations made from natural or environmentally-friendly straws


Signs of Culture
Searching for signs specific to Polish identity and culture. Reading symbols off old paintings, equipment, costumes, and Easter eggs. A visit to a rural school and chambers inhabited by Krakowiaks and Highlanders.

During the tour you will see (among others):

  • folk costumes and see how they're measured
  • printmaking woodcut blocks from the first half of the 19th century
  • uncommon forms of ceremonial bread

During the handicraft section you will make (one of the following):

  • linocuts or stamps inspired by folk art
  • bags or backpacks decorated with wooden printing blocks

Exploring the origins of popular Polish sayings and phrases. Tracing the links between living conditions, language, and culture. Learning about objects that are still present in the Polish language even though they have long since fallen out of use.

During the tour you will see (among others):

  • learn all about powijaki, koszałki, opałki, and other items unavailable during a standard tour
  • test dip pens and student slates
  • weave on a loom, kill a stud, search for a scale's tongue (and discover what it actually means)

During the handicraft section you will make (one of the following):

  • pin badges with Polish sayings
  • canvas backpacks with Polish sayings

The Ins and Outs of Kazimierz
A team-based pervasive game that guides its participants through seven centuries of Krakow's Kazimierz district. See the echoes of its great history and discover the traces of daily choices made by generations of its residents as seen in the street layout, walls of houses, and the appearance of seemingly familiar places.

The route will take you to (among others):

  • places of prayer, work, and play
  • locations featured in films
  • Esterka house, Szeroka Street, Nowy Square
  • sites off typical tourist routes

During the game you are going to:

  • meet the spirit of a chronicler from Kraków
  • pursue cooperative and team-building tasks involving the senses of touch, hearing, and sight
  • see carefully selected archival materials, photographs and memoirs that show Kazimierz from various perspectives