High schools

We would like to invite you to the "Workshops with Motif" and the "Grammar of Culture". A new addition to the offer are the "Different Ways" workshops - inspired by the temporary exhibition "I WON’T GIVE UP, I’LL SURVIVE. PAINTINGS BY WŁADYSŁAW WAŁĘGA".

We also invite you to use a set of teaching materials to facilitate creative work with iconic texts at secondary level. The materials are available under a free licence HERE

We want our workshops to be accessible to everyone. Our aim is to create a flexible educational offer open to the different individual needs of specific participants. Instead of workshops aimed only at disabled audiences, we want to work on the accessibility of the whole offer, so that everyone can choose from the same pool and the main criterion is the interests and current needs of the participants. Next to each workshop proposal there is information about the possibility of adapting to groups with intellectual, hearing or visual disabilities.